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Modern IoT Dashboards with ViewIQ V2.1

Posted by Collin Wallace on 11/30/15

Today, we are excited to announce the release of version 2.1 of our no-code dashboard composer ViewIQ. The update enables you to create modern, beautiful IoT dashboards that offer a range of data visualizations as well as real-time status, metric, and alert views. Version 2.1 of ViewIQ makes it easy for anyone to choose the data and visualizations that create new IoT insights, and assemble a customizable, shareable dashboard with drag and drop simplicity. Further, version 2.1 enables fully responsive support for a wide range of screen sizes, from desktop to tablet to mobile. With ViewIQ, IoT customers across a wide range of industries can finally create real-time dashboards that enable their organizations to maximize the value of their IoT data. ViewIQ is designed to enable anyone, regardless of technical capability, to create and share new IoT insight within their organization and beyond.

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Customer Case Study: Brightergy

Posted by Justin DeLay on 11/4/15

"TempoIQ has given us the opportunity to build brand new products.”
- Daniel Keith, VP of Technology, Brightergy


Brightergy ( is a new kind of energy company built around the ideas of efficiency and control. By utilizing localized energy grids, such as solar panel arrays and microturbines, they’re able to help their clients maximize the efficiency of their energy usage in order to save them money.

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IoT News Beat, 8-26-15

Posted by Justin DeLay on 8/26/15

IoT Disruption Across Industries:

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IoT News Beat, 8-13-15

Posted by Justin DeLay on 8/13/15

The University of Michigan opens a city for self-driving cars.

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IoT News Beat 7-17-15

Posted by Justin DeLay on 7/17/15

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IoT News Beat, Week of 5-4-15

Posted by Justin DeLay on 5/5/15

Each week, we gather the latest news that matters to the IoT developer community. Here we go!

Industry News & Analysis

Sprint unveils  SIM strategy for IoT.

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Introducing automatic Device and Sensor creation

Posted by Matt Meshulam on 4/8/15

TempoIQ makes it really easy to collect and organize sensor data, but users have often asked us for a simpler way to write data to new sensors.

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We've Got Your Back–TempoIQ Support Services

Posted by Matt Meshulam on 2/13/15

We've put a lot of effort into making it easy for anyone to get up and running with TempoIQ, but we know that everyone needs some one-on-one help from time to time. That's why we're committed to offering top-notch support for every one of our customers. 

We recently published our support policy, which you can read in full on our website. This post summarizes the most important parts of the policy.

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Realtime Releases: Webhook Alerts

Posted by Blake Smith on 2/9/15

This week we're announcing the availability of webhook notifications for our realtime alert early access release program.

When we first launched realtime alerts into early access, we wanted to give our customers a way to get instant feedback from their sensor deployments in the field. We launched with email alert notifications as a first step towards realtime functionality, requiring no programming integration to get value from alerts. Early customer feedback showed that our email alerting feature was good for quick, human feedback, but that machine integration was still a need.

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Introducing The TempoIQ Early Access Program

Posted by Justin DeLay on 2/5/15

TempoIQ makes sensor data simple with APIs for realtime monitoring, flexible analysis, and scalable storage of data from connected sensors and IoT devices. As a cloud service provider, our goal is to offer a robust and stable sensor data platform for you to quickly build your applications on.

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