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The Three Dimensions of Sensor Data Growth (An Exponential Exercise)

Posted by Sam Johnson on 12/17/14

People have a tough time wrapping their head around the rapid growth of connected devices in the next five years. It’s not because they don’t understand the opportunity, but because humans are wired to think linearly, not exponentially.

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Announcing our Developer Site

Posted by Sam Johnson on 12/12/14

Earlier this week, we made our client libraries public on Github. This was the beginning of a larger initiative to provide the users of TempoIQ with all the tools they need to build their sensor data application. One of our core tenets is to make developers productive as quickly as possible with TempoIQ, and this is just the beginning.

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5 Open Source Tools to Jumpstart Your Sensor Data Visualization

Posted by Sam Johnson on 12/11/14

Visualization is a key component in any modern sensor data application, but there are so many options out there that most people don't know where to start. How can you take your charting to the next level? How do you go beyond the basics to provide something truly stunning?

We build a lot of charts and visualization tools at TempoIQ, and we've compiled the best web-based libraries around to help you level up your charting and visualization game.

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TempoIQ's Client Libraries. Now on Github.

Posted by Sam Johnson on 12/10/14

I'm excited to announce that we've released all of our client libraries on github. Now, you'll be able to download the source code, submit technical questions and suggestions, and view the history of the libraries.

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The Expanding Map of IoT Companies

Posted by Sam Johnson on 12/3/14

18 months ago, Matt Turck of Firstmark Capital made an attempt to understand the IoT ecosystem by mapping it out. Since then, the space has evolved rapidly, driving Matt to make the claim that IoT has reached "escape velocity."

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Where Are You on the Data Decision Hierarchy?

Posted by Sam Johnson on 11/19/14

One of the most important journey's our customers go on while building an IoT application is the journey to make sense of, and make decisions off of, the data that their sensor are generating. The data decision hierarchy helps them navigate the path to get there.

If you've ever seen Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, you may notice some similarities. In Maslow's pyramid (pictured below) he theorized that people's needs change as they reach certain points in their life. Once they are satisfied physiologically (they have food, shelter, sex, etc), then they begin to look for safety. Once they've achieved that, they pursue loving and belonging. And on it goes. We see the same pattern emerge for organizations that want to make decisions from the information coming off of their distributed assets.

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Filling In The Gaps With Sensor Data

Posted by Sam Johnson on 11/13/14

On August 2nd, John Matherly, the founder of Shodan, pinged every IP address on the Internet and recorded the postive responses. From those positive responses, he created the map above of every device connected to the Internet.

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Analyzing Sensor Data with TempoIQ - Aggregation

Posted by Sam Johnson on 10/22/14

In our last post, we covered how rollups can summarize information across one stream of data. While you can learn a lot from a single stream, you can gain more insight and visibility into your devices by aggregating information across devices. By looking at the average temperature across a building, or the max power output from a solar field, you can benchmark performance or look for the root cause of historical anomalies.

To help you get a better picture of what’s happening across sensors and devices, we’ve built a feature called aggregation.

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How Quickly Will IoT Impact Your Industry?

Posted by Sam Johnson on 10/15/14

The IoT World Forum is this week in Chicago, and TempoIQ is there in force. There are some amazing keynotes today (which you can watch live on their site), but there was one moment at the beginning of the day that really stuck with us.

The organizers of the IoT World Forum asked the attendees a few survey questions to take the pulse of the group and get a sense for where IoT was headed. One of the questions we found particularly intereresting was "which vertical is most likely to adopt IoT faster?"

Today we got the answer:

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Analyzing Sensor Data with TempoIQ - Rollups

Posted by Sam Johnson on 10/9/14

There are many different ways to manipulate time series data for analysis and visualization. In the case of sensor data, companies typically record data at very short intervals - a minute or less - but want to read it back in longer intervals - 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or longer. While storing their information with high granularity provides a lot of flexibility, companies still need a way to summarize this data.

To help companies manage this data transformation, our analytics engine has a feature called rollups.

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